Microdermabrasion at Glo

The Cosmedi peel is a complete treatment centre that offers resurfacing with light based therapy option to treat different levels of the skin, skin conditions and a number of concerns within any one treatment, resulting in quicker, longer lasting results.

Combining 3 modalities into 1 makes the Microdermabrasion treatment more advanced.

  • Micro dermabrasion
  • L.E.D light therapy
  • Lymphatic drainage

Superior results combining the three treatments can be obtained at ‘no additional charge’ then that of your average Microdermabrasion skin treatment.

What can the Cosmedipeel Micro dermabrasion do for you?

  • Create a clearer & brighter complexion through a through exfoliation of the epidermis
  • Remove white heads, blackheads & congestion
  • Reduce open pores
  • Revitalize dull congested or thickened skin
  • Treat pigmentation and or age spots
  • Stimulate a yellow/grey sluggish complexion
  • Smooth out coarse, uneven bumpy skin
  • Overall give you healthier, fresher, glowing skin.

Cosmedipeel Microdermabrasion Treatment

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  • Is a safe, effective, non-invasive process
  • The combination of the vacuum lymphatic and LED light therapy allows us to work on your dermis area NOT just your epidermis creating deep stimulation of cell renewal
  • Uses first grade Austrian corundum crystals – this is the product that buffs your epidermis
  • Removes up to 30% of the old worn out epidermis
  • Upgrade a facial with incorporating the cosmedi peel treatment
  • Increases the cellular turnover to generate new, fresh, younger cells to appear at the surface
  • Lunch time treatment
  • Feels like a facial

What is involved in a Cosmedi microdermabrasion treatment?

  1. Maximum 30-40 minutes of your time
  2. Skin assessment
  3. Cleanse
  4. Lymphatic drainage vacuum passes over your entire face
  5. Microdermabrasion – systematically passed over your face multiple times *
  6. Warm towel wrap to the face to remove excess crystals
  7. Correct Serum pressed into your skin
  8. Application of LED light therapy to your whole face area *
  9. Massage Moisturiser
  10. We suggest finishing with a SPF+ Mineral Pro to protect the great results achieved

*concentrating on your main areas of concern

Nonostante tutto la reazione di ogni organismo sul medicinale è individuale, altri farmaci sono disponibili per Trattare La Disfunzione erettile e per risolvere questi problemi in forma anonima. Va ricordato che la maggior parte dei sintomi negativi sono eliminati da soli.

Micro dermabrasion treatments are available from $25 – $125

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