Lord Farquaad is the tyrannical dictator who will do anything in order to become the appropriate master of Duloc

Lord Farquaad is the tyrannical dictator who will do anything in order to become the appropriate master of Duloc

Game Looks

In Shrek 2: The Video Game Computer type, without physically appears for the game, Farquaad’s face is seen on a training dummy that Shrek uses to practice battling.


He has no hassle with having Gingy punished and maimed, serenely enjoying Thelonius dunk Gingy in a glass of milk products. He cannot appear to love the health of their individuals, while he honestly admits his determination to exposure the schedules of all of his own knights to rescue Fiona in order that he does not have to. Though the guy finds Fiona beautiful, their alternatives to marry the girl is purely off a hunger for power. The level of their callousness was shared to the end of the movie, as he threatens to possess Shrek driven and quartered for no need and also to lock Fiona back in the woman tower forever.

Their obsession over “perfection”, his must be king along with his short prominence reveals a guy containing severe self-image difficulties. Farquaad overcompensates for his brief stature by being domineering and controlling. Necessary, various other types of this offer: The towering top of palace Duloc, the numerous statues and murals of themselves around Duloc, and his awesome grave which illustrates your elevated above Dragon. Whenever Gingy calls him a monster, Farquaad dismisses this and promises that it’s the fairytale animals that the giants. Despite locating fairytale creatures are a blight upon their perfect community, he has no problems marrying a princess from a fairytale in order to become king. And while he promises that their objective is always to create Duloc optimal, the guy doesn’t thought their own shortness as an issue for this “perfection” besides.

Despite all those characteristics, he remains genuine to their term, confirmed from the simple fact that he achieved the pledge of giving Shrek the deed to his swamp straight back as soon as Shrek delivered Fiona to him. But he had been nevertheless most ill-mannered, discourteous, never ever indicated their appreciation towards married secrets Log in Shrek or Donkey, and completely grabbed all credit when it comes to save. He’s a professional administrative figure, with all the town of Duloc flourishing under his guideline. As well he’s not very favored by their citizens, because they begin to clap and cheer on Shrek during the contest and welcome him when the guy disrupts the wedding immediately. They do not worry a lot about Farquaad’s demise, some actually chuckling and cheering.

Tiny more is famous about your within the film, even though the (non-canon) music delved much deeper into their history and his awesome hatred towards fairytale creatures. Inside version, he spends the majority of their amount of time in the torture chamber, playing game titles on the secret Mirror, sipping beverages while having a bath, and enjoys gaining a more elaborate musical wide variety after energy pertains to pick the knight to rescue Fiona. Their backup dancers mention that he’s skilled in dancing, though he’ll torture whoever tends to make an individual blunder from inside the regimen. Evidently, he has got implemented a dress laws too, as every citizens were dressed up just like the dolls from “Thanks for visiting Duloc” to make their empire considerably their ways.

The guy takes a trip with Fiona back into Duloc and excitedly makes themselves your wedding. Fiona isn’t also thrilled together brand-new groom, though Farquaad doesn’t seem to discover and/or care and attention. On event, equally Farquaad and Fiona are about to kiss, Shrek bursts directly into target on the relationships. Shrek confesses their thoughts to Fiona and informs the woman your sole reasons Farquaad are marrying the lady can be so that he could become master. Farquaad denies his true motives and laughs at the thought of an ogre falling obsessed about a princess, possesses Thelonious quick the crowd to have a good laugh with your. But if the sunshine beings to set, Fiona discloses this lady curse (that echo attempted to warn him about) and changes into an ogre.