The Techno India Group

Founded in 1985, the Techno India Group is among the largest private education organizations in the country. The group comprises of several version bodies and comes with expanded the services to include the areas of operations, medicine, information technology, hospitality, nanotechnology, genetics, biotechnology, sports, press and construction technology. Excellent diverse portfolio of programs and is the most preferred choice of learners for going after graduate and postgraduate studies. While there is not a solitary campus, the Group comes with multiple spots across the country.

The Techno India University is known as a private university in Kolkata and is portion of the Techno-India Group. The college happens to be accredited by All India Council for Specialized Education (AICTE) and is related to the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology. Founded in 2005, the University is mostly a hub intended for research and education and attracts college students from within India and abroad. It provides many programs including professionals and PhD programs. The school’s teachers is standard-setter and has got years of experience in their field.

The Techno India University or college is the main Techno-India useful source Group, which usually consists of four Universities, 22 Engineering Educational institutions, and 56 knowledge campuses. The university or college is a global centre of excellence and attracts pupils from worldwide. It is the earliest private university in Western Bengal and offers undergraduate, graduate student, and important programs. The institution is renowned for its top-notch educational benchmarks and prestigious faculty. The college has been a major educational institution for more than 30 years.

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