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At the same time, Xero has to navigate the numerous state chapters of the US accounting profession, each of which is nominally connected to a national organization but which often act independently of one another. Nothing I see in the landscape today makes me believe that things have changed. We partnered with Time Inc & Essence Beauty Box to produce a 40′ x 40′ booth at the Essence Festival Marketplace. I managed all inventory and worked with the team to train BAs and manage logistics for the 3-day event. As the lead content & platform producer, I led the team in producing Walmart’s 2020 Holiday Meeting.

A complete contrast to the snow Ashley, Paul and Rachel had in Austin, Texas. Atlanta put on a fine show for us weather wise and in many other aspects as well. Brian and Jon largely confirm what I thought but xerocon san francisco at the same time provide enough by way of clues to suggest that Rod Drury’s ‘tipping point’ might be closer than I imagine. But in the meantime, it is worth noting that Xerocon US attracted 500 people.

It wasn’t easy to do this though- I really messed up hiring when I first started the practice. I often hired quickly, because we had to fill an immediate need, which was often a recipe for disaster. I have worked with my Operations Manager, Kienan, to revise this process and we are reaping the rewards. Some of the high points of the talk included what our interview process looks like (very exhaustive!), what we are looking for in a candidate (passion!), how we onboard them, and how we keep them happy.

I was invited by Xero, a cloud-based accounting software company, to be their global keynote speaker for their annual Xerocon event. Subsequently, I gave keynotes in San Francisco and Brisbane, Australia, titled “Conscious Accounting”. When I talk to other accountants and bookkeepers and I ask them about the challenges facing them in daily practice, the number one challenge that they mention is recruiting. It’s really difficult to find and retain excellent employees in the accounting profession.


Xero’s accounting software allows Bookkeeper360 to offer its hundreds of clients an array of financial services. Some of these include things such as payroll, tax, and back office solutions. In terms of other noteworthy happenings swirling around Day 2 of the event, what vendor conference would be complete without some awards. Chad and Joe are entirely focused on being a trusted advisor to their clients. They understand the value of providing bookkeeping as a foundation for client relationships and building upon that foundation to offer advisory services. And they’ve previously won Intuit’s Firm of the Future with this excellent video.

Each session features one topic and three unique perspectives, covering strategic relationships, globalization, technology and more. Discover the best-in-class solutions for your practice and your clients. Sessions covers how to define client needs – along with your own – and how to match to a Xero add-on. The time it takes to complete a project is inherently tied to the project’s value. So, in order to increase your revenue, you need to increase the amount of billable hours. A year ago this month, our team at Beyond Balanced Books received the award of 2016 Xero Bookkeeping Partner of the Year! I sincerely hope we can catch up quickly because this stuff is really magical.

  • The Line-Up Shopify will be discussing the opportunities for you in ecommerce and tips and tricks you can use to build your ecommerce client base.
  • The same holds true in the US although the inclusion of payment processors is a big step in the right direction and important to attracting customers in the US.
  • Innovative cloud accountant and CEO of Rightway, Greg Sheehan joins the program line up with a session on how technology is transforming accounting, opening up a world of new opportunity for business growth.
  • That changed when Intuit got serious about Quickbooks Online.
  • Hone in on the fine art of operating your firm as a business.

Kelly McGonigal discussed stress management in detail and gave great suggestions on how to combat stress. Maysoon Zayid’s story was inspiring to see how she has overcome challenges to get to fulfill her dreams. Southmead hospital in Bristol is using robots to help improve services. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Accents of all kinds were flying around at Pier 27, and Fathom definitely wasn’t the only Aussie one in the room. Here at Fathom, we have seen rapid success and growth as we’ve moved into new markets around the globe, and it was fantastic to connect with our US and Canadian users at Xerocon. Sign Up for my newsletter and receive insights, teachings and spiritual tools for living a life of purpose and joy.

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If you’re an accountant with Shopify clients or you are interested in the e-commerce accounting niche, come by the A2X booth with all your pressing questions. Tim gave a keynote at Xerocon, the annual community gathering of accounting software firm Xero, in Austin. He once raised $43 million to build the first virtual accounting service. Following this, he spent 7 years at Amnesty International as CFO.

xerocon san francisco

About their move to AWS, and new features such as “Hello Xero” chat functionality, made it extremely clear that the future of accounting technology has arrived. It’s an endless and meaningless endeavor, and an absolute waste of time and life. If you spend time proving yourself to one person then you’ll find yourself needing to prove yourself to others. Joanne Cleaver, who spoke later in the day, gave us some figures from the Accounting MOVE Project, a project that’s using benchmarking data to quantify to firms how well they’re doing in terms of advancing women in the profession. This move will allow Xero to start to apply machine learning and AI to the dataset in Xero. Prosper Show is starting in just over a week and we’ve been poring over the agenda these last few days trying to decide what our top picks for sessions are.

I worked with the creative team to produce all assets and then programmed the virtual platform’s pages, sessions, etc. in the back-end. With an intensive Intrado programming training, I was the conduit between the technical, production and creative/design teams. The close of busy season for most CPA firms means it’s time for employee reviews. Most firms will provide their employees with self-surveys, peer surveys, followed by one on one reviews to give feedback for their work throughout the year. I think the primary reason Xero hasn’t been adopted as quickly in the US as many hoped and anticipated is that its vision is so far ahead of the US market. A simple example of this is how a surprising majority of US business still heavily rely on paper checks to send and receive money.

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This June, 25th – 28th, A2X is joining forces with Xero and heading along to the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in Chicago. This conference is a must attend for all e-commerce sellers.

xerocon san francisco

Day Two was also a blast but didn’t start at Pier 27, where Xerocon was held. I actually dropped into the Gusto office for a partner breakfast where I got to hang out with accountants who rock Xero and the Gusto Dev and Marketing team. We learned about their new partner program, their revised on-boarding process, and how they are about to blow the roof off of the industry by offering health benefits through their platform. I must say, they are doing incredible things at Gusto and I am glad that they are our partner in payroll. After noshing on some delicious snacks, I headed back over to Xerocon and hopped on stage once again; this time chatting about how to hire and keep accounting unicorns. I love talking about finding and keeping talented people, because I have such an amazing staff that keep me sane and our clients happy.

I worked as the overall project coordinator, working directly with the executive producer. I managed all PAs, office operations, and vendor logistics.

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Nick founded Bookkeeper360 four years ago with the goal of assisting local small businesses with any and all of their bookkeeping needs. The Fathom team recently participated in another outstanding Xerocon, this time in San Francisco. It was a dynamic three days of jam packed sessions, interviews, connecting with new and existing partners, and networking with our wonderful ecosystem peers.

And as Fujioka, President of Xero Americas, will tell you, change is a good thing. Michael Cockburn, co-founder of office-working app Desana, shares his business advice. Arguably our favorite thing about Xerocon is the chance it gives us to connect with our users and partners, and our fellow solutions within the ecosystem.

Noting similarities and differences between territories is an important aspect of understanding what works and what doesn’t. Xero readily acknowledges that it got a surprise in the UK when it discovered how many banks it needs to cover. The same holds true in the US although the inclusion of payment processors is a big step in the right direction and important to attracting customers in the US. Our team produced Xerocon in Atlanta, I worked on the main stage keynote presentations – working directly with the content team and technical teams to execute this event. This event pushed the technical boundaries, we built the largest ever LED floor to date. With a 12-day load-in, we produced a gorgeous display for the 1-hour show.

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As the overall team coordinator, I managed vendors and worked with the producer to maintain the budget. Onsite, I worked as the talent manager for high-level executives including Daniel Ek, Co-Founder and CEO of Spotify and Tim Sweeney, Founder and CEO of Fortnite. See how you can leverage Xero as part of a bigger picture. Whether you want to help clients get paid faster, save time, drive efficiency or highlight your value with data, this track has it all. It was a Tuesday morning and I was sitting in bed starting my work day by perusing my LinkedIn and Twitter feed. My husband was at the desk (the desk that just so happens to serve as our nightstand…romantic I know) sorting through his inbox before heading into the office. The day after the conference we had our first team building day.

  • So while other conferences waste your time with “motivational” speakers and topics that have absolutely no relation to you – we make sure that Xerocon is all about you.
  • Michael Cockburn, co-founder of office-working app Desana, shares his business advice.
  • Acuity hosted a brunch for the team, and we had a wonderful time!
  • I was chosen to lead our team of 7 to execute this 3-day meeting, bringing together employees from all the global offices.
  • If you’re an accountant with Shopify clients or you are interested in the e-commerce accounting niche, come by the A2X booth with all your pressing questions.

In our highly social media-driven world, LinkedIn is an excellent tool for solidifying and seeking out such relationships. We’ve put together a list of ways you can boost your presence on LinkedIn and make a lasting impression. With the help of Xero and its add-on partners, Bookkeeper360 hopes to work directly with small business owners in order to help them incorporate technology into their business practices. We understand that there are many different facets that a business owner needs to address, and customize a solution based on those particular needs.

If you’re a follower of events that take place in different locations then the different sets of impressions make for fascinating comparison.Some background for those unfamiliar with our relationship with Xero. I am particularly interested in Xero and Xerocon for a variety of reasons. Xero is a company I have followed since its earliest days and especially when it arrived in the UK. That has given me something of a unique insight into how the company has developed and grown the market.

The event will host the most influential accounting professionals in the U.S. and serve as the official launch party for Xero’s online platform in the North American Market. The San Francisco version just happens to be in the back yard of Xero’s North America headquarters. Back to the numbers, so the big keynote — and consequently the most impactful information of the day — came from Xero’s chief marketing officer Andy Lark. He shared with the crowd of accountants and bookkeepers some actual research numbers, and not just rhetoric, on how much more successful and reactive firms can be by working in the cloud. SAN FRANCISCO August 23, 2016 – BBK’s onboarding and sales team spent the early part of this week at Xerocon in San Francisco. It’s a conference where accounting & technology “geeks” gather to impress and learn from each other. In addition to utilizing Xero’s cloud-based platform, there are numerous add-on partners that Bookkeeper360 prefers to work with.

Second, once Xero figured out how to win the accounting professional fraternity then it started to accelerate adoption. So while other conferences waste your time with “motivational” speakers and topics that have absolutely no relation to you – we make sure that Xerocon is all about you. That’s why you’ll have direct, one-on-one discussions with leaders in business and accounting – the same folks who are shaping the future of the industry. CPAs aren’t necessarily well known for their social prowess, but in a highly referral-based industry, cultivating good networking and business development skills can be an imperative. Building relationships in the business community can be a tremendous way to get referrals. The connections you make out in the world (whether it’s at at networking event or in your social life) may end up being a valuable resource for future clients, so it’s important to find ways to make connections any way possible.

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Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to talk shop and build relationships with this amazing collection of brain power. On our way to Xerocon, Lisa Gilreath and I made a quick stop in Denver to meet with the Denver team. Acuity hosted a brunch for the team, and we had a wonderful time! Giving people the flexibility to be remote is great, but it’s important to hold team events to provide opportunities to connect. “As a cloud accounting platform, Xero acts as a connector for the highly fragmented small business market, helping owners derive true value from their data. As a millennial, he saw the potential need for technology in such a fast-paced society, and realized he would be able to use his own advice as a business opportunity.

Usually when I sit in on a talk, I want to get down to brass tacks and find out how I can apply what I am learning in my practice. The audience members peppered us with questions and we almost went over time because the conversation was so fun.

Investors wouldn’t be blamed for thinking the recent selloff in technology stocks could only add more weight to the weakened shoulders of Alibaba. Is there a job that comes with the prospect of a six-figure income, high job satisfaction and has enough job openings to make it a real possibility? Companies are always keen to use intel to improve efficiency and learn more about their customers and, so, computer scientists are in high demand. Java developers are No. 1 on Glassdoor’s “50 Best Jobs in America” for 2021. Wish’s stock tumbled as its monthly active users declined, its revenue growth decelerated, and it continued to bleed red ink. Its logistics and quality control issues, the abrupt resignation of its founder and CEO Piotr Szulczewski, regulatory headwinds in France, and insider sales exacerbated that sell-off. Join thought leaders and peers for fast-paced TED-style talks.