Skin Graduation

Your Skin’s Graduation Day at Glo

Your skin can never grow out of its regime…
We simply… graduate your skin by including another modality – simply adding it into your current treatment programme.

A combination of modalities (incorporating two or more advanced treatments into one) can often prove to be a great option to achieve prevalent results in your skin objectives.

In addition, you can platform (incorporate more than one treatment) into any of our facials at any time when you are ready to have your skin:

  • “take off” to the next level
  • give it a rev
  • Or to purely boost its capabilities

We simply introduce:

  • a peel to accelerate your skin cell turn over
  • extractions to remove black heads
  • LED light therapy – get in deep to the dermis and stimulate
  • Micro dermabrasion – refine and inspire new healthier skin cells
  • IPL photo rejuvenation – remove unwanted blemishes, capillaries or pigmentation

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