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“Spa pedicures are a facial for your feet”

The Spa Pedicure      75 Min

Sea soak, shape & smooth cuticle care & moisture pack, sea soak & glow scrub, callus smoother treatment with sea serum. Deep massage with marine massage oil or massage silk. Peppermint cooling masque, Repair cucumber heel therapy & completed with nail care and polish.

Spa Maintenance Pedicure (mini Pedicure)      45Min

Sea soak, trim, shape & smooth nails, solar oil, callus smoother & polish.

NOTE: if you are requiring a lot of callus (dry skin) removal for your first treatment you will require The Spa pedicure experience to get your feet into that “soft silky” feeling!

Spa Express (touch up for your toes)      30min

Citrus soak, file, smooth & polish.

French Polish      10min

Please request this when making a booking.

Pedi Spa products Pedicures

Pedi Spa products Pedicures range from $35 – $85.

CND Pedicures Combine elements from the sea to create a truly innovative line of foot care products that produce instant results. Using the latest advancements in technology, Spa pedicure blends quartz crystals, sea salts, marine botanicals, beach sand and other natural ingredients to exfoliate, nourish and smooth even the roughest skin.

Foaming Sea Soak

Freshly scented marine botanical soak along with Sea Rocks to soak in the foot spa. The combination creates long lasting suds that cleanse, soothe and deodorize.

Sea Rock Soak

This uplifting aroma therapeutic foot bath treatment blend tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and Dead Sea salts to soften, hydrate and help reduce inflammation

a.h.a Sea Scrub

Perfect for smoothing rough, dry skin on the soles of the feet, this dual-action scrub combines the power of Alpha-Hydroxy Acid with natural quartz crystals and beach sand.

Sea Salt Glow

This exfoliant gently polishes the feet and legs with aroma therapeutic mineral salts and dead sea salts, while moisturising and softening with sunflower oil, vitamin E and yarrow flower extract leaving your foot and heal supple and soothed.

Sea Serum

Professional strength Sea Serum effectively penetrates and softens even the toughest calluses with 20% A.H.A formula while soothing sensitive skin with calming aloe vera.

Marine Masque

This signature masque blends marine botanicals and refreshing menthol with hydrating sea extracts and conditioning mineral clay. It rejuvenates the feet, leaving them soft, moisturised, and cool long after the pedicure is complete.

Cucumber Heel Therapy

Help relieve dry, damaged skin with this rich, restorative heel cream made from a moisture intensive complex of aloe, allantoin, panthenol, area and cucumber extracts,. This combination helps soothe and refresh, while chamomile acts as a natural anti- irritant and anti-inflammatory.

Massage Oil

A natural blend of Jojoba, Sandalwood, Vitamin E, Ylang Ylang, that creates an exceptionally light massage oil with the perfect balance of glide to soothe those sore spots.

Massage Silk

This water soluble, oil- free formula is an outstanding alternative to traditional massage oil, providing the same muscle relaxation without the slippery after feel.

Marine Gel

A perfect finish to a SpaPedicure, this fast penetrating, moisturising gel combines cool marine and menthol ingredients to revitalise tired and aching feet or just to revive and leave a refreshing foot feeling.

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