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Manicures – Creative Nail Design

THE NO#1 Product

All Spa manicure treatments involve cleanse, cuticle care and moisturize pack with a nail buff and shape & polish.

The creative nail design spa range revitalizes rejuvenates and replenishes your “working hands”.

Following Manicure treatments available:

The Spa manicure Treatment    45 Min

Citrus soak, cuticle treatment and tidy, solar oil , crystal exfoliate and activate treatment, nail shape & smooth, facial quality finishing.

Spa Maintenance manicure (Mini Manicure)      30 Min

Citrus soak, cuticle care, shape, smooth & polish

Soak, file, & polish      15 Min

French polish      10 Min

(*Additional Time required for this service so please request this on booking your appointment)

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